Elite Dog Training


Here's what people have to say ...

"I wish we had come to Elite before! Your techniques are so helpful and they work! I also wish we could clone you!! You are amazing with understanding dogs and getting dog owners to understand their pets! "
-- Donna

"Thank You from our family to yours and to say what an excellent course we had with Bosco at our side. Itís amazing what can be done with proper coaching from a team of passionate, compassionate, committed, disciplined and knowledgeable instructors."
-- Patrick & Kris

"With all the 100's of classes we have taken, in dog training and dance, Cheryl is one of the few instructors that treat their customers/students with appreciation and respect. Although Cheryl is a recognized and accomplished Judge and Trainer her focus is always on the students not herself. Cheryl and I go way back to 1992, when I was training my first Lab, Rimmer, and she is still the same now as she was then, always caring, intuitive and challenging without the ego or attitude that she is doing people a favour by allowing them to pay her money to be in one of her classes. "
-- Ann W. Kitchener

"Well worth the money! Cheryl is an easy out-going person who is very knowledgable at what she does. Both my dog and I learned alot! Thanks to Cheryl!"
-- Bob B.

"Gave me and my dog confidence that I could handle him and gave him the confidence that he was able to learn new things."
-- Kathy C

"Dear Cheryl, I want to thank you for all the help you have given me in training my two puppies. Your patience and good guidance have been wonderful. I have certainly gotten my money's worth! Both of my puppies are a delight to be with and are so friendly to all. They come when they're called, heel and sit, do some fun tricks and are eager to learn more. Thanks Again,"
-- Lindsay J.   

"Before we signed up with Cheryl, my Lab-mix was extremely over-protective, aggressive and fearful. There was no way I could take him around people or dogs without him barking and growling the whole time. In fact, when I walked my dog, people couldn't even say "good morning" from across the street without him growling and wanting to attack them. Physically, I could barely hold him back) We were in desperate need of major behavior modification and was with Cheryl's broad knowledge of dog training. Her approach is professional, patient, and humorous at the same time. After the first home visit, I began to see a dramatic change in the amount of control I had over my dog. And after completing all of my private lessons, plus the group sessions, I have complete control over my dog in ANY situation.
Now I can take my dog on walks without him barking, or growling. We can go to dog parks without any problems, and Animal Control doesn't leave warnings on my door anymore! More importantly, I am sure Cheryl has saved my dog's life"

-- Alex H.